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Cypress Slough Taxidermy gives you the most realistic, clean and competition quality upland bird taxidermy mounts in the industry. As avid upland bird hunters ourselves, we know what it takes to achieve perfect quail, grouse, prairie chicken, chukar and pheasant mounts you desire. We understand how imperative it is to create a truly life-like appearance in your upland bird taxidermy. Whether it’s a pheasant, quail, grouse or chukar, each upland bird at CS Taxidermy receives the same amount of detailed fulfillment from our studio to your living room, game room or office.

At CS Taxidermy the sky is limit. We craft the most realistic upland bird taxidermy mounts with scenes that are of the highest quality to best depict your hunting adventure. We groom all feathers to ensure a high-quality pheasant mount is delivered to you. All birds are delivered on Texas tumbled cedar driftwood, wall mount, custom wood pedestal, or custom habitat scene to your specifications.

Cypress Slough Taxidermy’s goal is to keep you, the customer happy and provide you with a trophy to showcase to all of your friends. We don’t just pump out pheasant, quail and turkey mounts in mass at a low quality, we mount upland birds to your satisfaction Guaranteed. You only get one shot to have it done right, so when you’re ready to get your pheasant mounted, or any upland bird for that matter, give us a call and we can discuss your next trophy upland bird mount. Check out our upland bird taxidermy mount gallery and see why people choose Cypress Slough Taxidermy.

Upland Bird Taxidermy | Upland Bird Mounts

Field care tips for ensuring the best quality upland bird mounts.

After shooting DO NOT ring the neck. DO NOT gut or pluck any feathers. Either tuck the head under a wing or lay it over the back. Keep out of sunlight and in a freezer bag (keep a freezer bag with you in the field just in case). Freeze as soon as possible. Broken bones are fixable but missing or broken feather are not so keep the bird where it will stay untouched until you get it frozen.

If storing in a freezer for long periods, wrap the legs and head in wet paper towel to prevent freezer burn.

Nylon stockings are good for transport from the field only, NOT for storage since they don’t prevent freezer burn.

We can do a lot with most ducks regardless of the condition the bird is in, but remember if feathers or big areas of skin are missing, I can only try to cover it up but I can’t recreate what isn’t there.

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Cypress Slough Taxidermy has been mounting game birds and big game taxidermy since 2014. We strive for perfection in every detail in all mounts we create, no matter how big or small. Attention to detail is key at CST. The only limitation at Cypress Slough Taxidermy is your imagination. We can create any bird mount, big game mount and small game mount to all of your requirements. No matter the pose, sculpture or habitat we’ll create it. Visit our San Antonio Taxidermy Studio to discuss your next duck mount today!

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Cypress Slough Taxidermy is a full-service wildlife taxidermy studio, located in the heart of San Antonio, Texas. Charles “Chuck” Denson, owner and lead taxidermist, grew up hunting and fishing and has always been passionate about nature and the great outdoors. What began as a simple hobby quickly evolved into a business that has served clients all over Texas and surrounding states.

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