Cypress Slough Taxidermy Services

Cypress Slough Taxidermy offers elite taxidermy services in the state of Texas. Our taxidermy services include; deer mounts, duck taxidermy, goose taxidermy, life size mounts, shoulder mounts, upland bird mounts, wildlife habitat creations and much more custom taxidermy services. At Cypress Slough, we take the initiative to make every detail of your wildlife mount stand out.

At Cypress Slough, we understand how imperative it is to create a truly life-like appearance on your trophy. You only get one shot to have it done right, so when you’re ready to get your deer mounted, turkey mounted, upland bird mounted, duck or goose mounted call us at Cypress Slough Taxidermy for all your taxidermy service needs.From questions about different styles of mounts, custom habitat creations, to trophy room designs, Cypress Slough Taxidermy is your elite taxidermy choice for all your Texas Taxidermy needs. We pride ourselves on our work and a finished mount our customers will be proud of, which is why our reputation for high quality taxidermy proceeds us. Check out our wildlife galleries and see why people choose Cypress Slough.

Texas Quail