Turkey Fan Mounts

Turkey Fan Mounts & How To Prepare Them

With turkey season coming up it’s time to knock the rust of your turkey calling, pattern your shotgun, clean the dust off your turkey decoys and hit the woods. After deer, duck, elk, quail and pheasant season is over we all start dreaming of hearing turkeys fly off the roost and that spit drum of an ol’ tom coming to your calls and decoy like it was rehearsed. Turkeys are a great game bird that offer a thrilling hunt and plenty of options to display your trophy, such as a turkey fan mount, half-life, and full-body mount.

Turkeys offer plenty of options that fit any budget or space while still showing off your success in the field. If your lucky enough to harvest that tom you’ve been after, don’t let improper field care ruin your trophy turkey fan mount! Contact us if you have any questions regarding how to properly care for your trophy until you get it into Cypress Slough Taxidermy.

Preparing Birds For Turkey Fan Mount

  • Turkey Fan mount- Grab the handful of feathers you would like to keep in your mount. Remember that you can never provide too many feathers but you can definitely not provide enough! Cut skin at the base of the tail feathers down to the backbone. Use a large knife or wire cutters and cut the backbone freeing the fan. Get the fan into a freezer ASAP and keep frozen until you can get it to us.
  • Turkey Fan and back mount- Start at the head of the bird and cut the skin at the base of the head. On either side of the back feathers, there are areas that do not have feathers, cut here. Carefully skin out all the way to the base of the tail and free the fan much the same way for a fan mount but do not separate the fan from the back feathers. Get to a freezer ASAP and keep frozen until delivery.
  • Keeping the bird whole and frozen is the best way to ensure the best looking trophy display possible. If you’d like to still harvest the meat on your bird yet still get it mounted please don’t hesitate to contact us on how to properly skin out your trophy or we can do it for you!

Make sure to check out our turkey fan mount gallery for ideas on what you would like your next trophy turkey mount to look like in your game room, office or living room.

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At Cypress Slough Taxidermy, our goal is to keep you, the customer happy and provide you with a trophy to showcase to all of your friends. We don’t just pump out turkey mounts in mass at a low quality, we mount turkeys to your satisfaction Guaranteed. You only get one shot to have it done right, so when you’re ready to get your turkey mounted, give us a call (409) 781-0267.

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Cypress Slough Taxidermy has been mounting game birds and big game taxidermy since 2014. We strive for perfection in every detail in all mounts we create, no matter how big or small. Attention to detail is key at CST. The only limitation at Cypress Slough Taxidermy is your imagination. We can create any bird mount, big game mount and small game mount to all of your requirements. No matter the pose, sculpture or habitat we’ll create it. Visit our San Antonio Taxidermy Studio to discuss your next duck mount today!

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