Upland Taxidermy

Cypress Slough Taxidermy offers premier upland taxidermy services in the state of Texas. Our upland taxidermy services include; pheasant mounts, quail mounts, grouse mounts, chukar taxidermy, woodcock mounts, prarie chicken mounts and upland bird wildlife habitat creations services. At Cypress Slough, we take the initiative to make every detail of your upland bird mount to make it stand out.

Upland Bird Taxidermy - Cypress Slough Taxidermy

Preparing Your Bird For Your Grouse, Quail or Pheasant Mount

Even more than big game, ducks, geese and upland birds require careful handling and storage if you want to preserve them for taxidermy work. Delicate feathers and bones can crease and break much more easily than hair or hardened antler.

After shooting DO NOT ring the birds neck. DO NOT gut or pluck any feathers. Either tuck the head under a wing or lay it over the back. Keep out of sunlight and in a freezer bag (keep a freezer bag with you in the field just in case). Freeze as soon as possible. Broken bones are fixable but missing or broken feather are not so keep the bird where it will stay untouched until you get it frozen.

If storing in a freezer for long periods, wrap the legs and head in wet paper towel to prevent freezer burn.

Nylon stockings are good for transport from the field only, NOT for storage since they don’t prevent freezer burn.