Shoulder Mount Taxidermy

Cypress Slough Taxidermy offers premium shoulder mount services in the state of Texas. Big game hunting is a passion of ours, and we know what it takes to achieve perfect shoulder mount. We understand how imperative it is to create a truly life-like appearance in your big game taxidermy. Whether it be a whitetail buck, mule deer, pronghorn or bull elk, each big game animal at CS Taxidermy receives the same amount of detailed fulfillment from our studio to your living room, game room or office.

At Cypress Slough Taxidermy, our goal is to keep you, the customer happy and provide you with a trophy shoulder mount to showcase to all of your friends. We don’t just pump out big game mounts in mass at a low quality, we mount your big game to your satisfaction Guaranteed. You only get one shot to have it done right, so when you’re ready to get your big game mounted, give us a call and we can discuss your next trophy shoulder mount. Check out our shoulder mount gallery and see why people choose Cypress Slough Taxidermy.

Quality shoulder mounts include:

  • Realistic and proportional eyes.
  • Ears that add expression to the big game animal.
  • Wet look and texture, giving it a more realistic look.
  • We use top quality forms, eyes and other materials.
  • Professionally tanned cape.
  • Field care tips for ensuring the best quality shoulder mounts.

    Make sure to leave at least 4 inches of hide BEHIND the shoulder

    Cut the hide 4 inches down the leg. If you must split the leg, split it on the backside of the leg and cut from under the skin out. DO NOT cut the hair!

    DO NOT slit the throat or cut any hair on the cape.

    Cut the backbone leaving at least 6 inches of neck meat in order to get proper measurements.

    Whitetail Mount